21st Birthday Party

21st Birthday Party

On 7th December 2013 my son was 21 and I as I reflect after the weekend of celebrations I wonder where all those years went. He was born at 3.12 am on a Monday and weighed a hefty ten pounds and four weeks overdue I was relieved to not have that weight inside me.

The trials and tribulations have been many but I’m glad to say that the end product was worth it. My son, now a young man has made me proud on more than one occasion and the roller coaster journey was ...lets just say it was interesting!

Chris is very lucky that he has very good friends, Ben his friend of seventeen years and James his friend since high school bought him a ticket for a few days away in Amsterdam, I'm not sure that I want to know what they'll get up to but what a fantastic present. Emma Jane did a fantastic job of all the organizing, and the cake was made in the shape of a bus to match Chris's bus that he drives everyday...

So I thought I might share with you all some of the photographs that were taken.

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