Ocracoke Island 2013

I went to America earlier than normal  and it seems like forever since those few weeks of sun, sea and friends. I've come to the conclusion that I should go twice a year. Once in the summer around May, and the second time in the fall because I love North Carolina at that time of year. But alas at the moment I will have to make do with the one visit!

I visited a lovely island called Ocracoke which is part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and also is the location of the pirate Blackbeard’s death. The village of Ocracoke is located around a small harbor called Silver Lake. The stunning views only added to the beauty of the whole place from the unique little cottages to the many different types of birds.

The shops were quaint and full of treasures. Most shops close down in winter as the population decreases and the tourists go home. There are no franchises or chains and all the shops, restaurants and hotels are all privately owned.

The size of the island is around 9.6 square miles and the actual island only lies five feet above sea level. The lighthouse has been there since 1823 and is still working. There are only two ways to get on the island, by ferry or airplane where they have their own landing area.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and another wonderful sight for me to see. Every time I visit North Carolina I never need to go to the same place twice because it’s so ginormous and there’s so much to see and so much history to learn.
Silver Lake

Silver Lake

Doesn't it all look very pirate inspired?


Harbor...Great looking hotel!

This is where we ate...fabulous food!

Ocracoke lighthouse...still in working order 


  1. Ah what memories--I loved Ocracoke--you must visit all the east coast barrier islands--including Assateague, home of the ponies. Thanks for reminding me! M. S. Spencer (My book Losers Keepers is set on Chincoteague).

    1. Yes, memories of a beautiful Island that I adored!
      I'm hoping to visit lots more each time I go back :)Thank you for your comments I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog :)