Disaster Morning!

As an author I am constantly aware of the trepidation I feel when I am writing, the work I do is precious to me and it takes a lot of  acting like a  recluse for days on end, burning meals that my family eat and don't say a word in case I jump down there throats and generally becoming some kind of neurotic person that no one recognizes for me to complete a book. So you would think that I would be diligent in saving my work which I am...I thought!

Save,save,save is always on my mind.

How ever very often I am so engrossed in what I am doing I frequently don't save as I should. I have the hard drive, usb pen, drop box and folders on my desk top so there is no excuse other than I am one of these writers who get totally engrossed in what they do and my mind is in what I am writing and nothing else penetrates that thick scull of mine.

Press save after a morning of great writing and managing to get nearly four thousand words done and I sigh with pleasure knowing that I have achieved a great start to my next book. When all of a sudden all those words that were in front of me are gone and I have a blank screen ..argggg I press buttons that I have no idea what they do and I can't believe my eyes they literally disappeared in front of my eyes.

I shout my son to get here quick and he looks at it and shakes his head and says, "Did you only save it on the usb pen?" and I nod my head affirmatively and he shakes his head with despair and my heart sinks to my feet. I didn't save it on my hard drive that he bought, I didn't save it in my drop box that my daughter showed me how to use and I didn't save it in the new folder on my drop box.

Lesson to myself never be so complacent with something that is precious to you, not just with work but in life in general because oh boy when it bites your ass t takes a might chunk from it.

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