Computer wizardry...No problem!

So wouldn't it be great if once you had written your book and had it published you could sit back and watch it sell.
Oh boy if only it was that easy !
Promote, computerize,chat advertise ... No one said I would have to be qualified to do all these things. Who said that you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks, because this old dog is certainly learning new things every day. Take today for instance I without any help at all from the kid-lets (sit with my head held high) I have manage to make a trailer of my newly published book 'Her Passionate Protector'.

To begin with it was like putting my head beneath the bonnet of my car and groaning at all the things I knew absolutely nothing about, however bit by bit I managed to decipher the worded technology, find pictures that were pertain to my book and source music that would do it justice.

I was so pleased with myself that everyone who came through the door was literally hauled into my office to look at it. Every time I sit down I have to just watch it, only the once just to remind myself of what I have manged to achieve. If I was a Peacock I would be fanning my feathers*giggles* ridiculous at my age.

Although I only ever want to sit in my writing cave and be left alone with my heroes and heroines I know that I will always have to venture out now and then to discover new technology and become a wizard of the techno world and prove to my kid-lets that mum is never to old to learn.

Her Passionate Protector-trailer

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